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    Apr 21, 2015
    Heading: Customer Feedback Survey-2014


    PBR Laboratories, its staff and services were rated as follows during the past year (2014):

    1) Overall satisfaction with the quality of service at PBR Laboratories: ≥95% rated at Very Good to Excellent.

    2) PBR’s turn-around-time: 100% rated at Good to Excellent.

    3) Professional and technical competence of PBR staff: 100% rated at Good to Excellent.

    Although we were thrilled to receive such highly positive ratings from our customers, we continue striving at adding value to our services.

    Additional Comments from Survey

    1) “YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!”

    2) “PBR is very good at communicating any issues with the samples or the results to us right away. They are also     flexible with us sending samples for testing last minute or over weekend”

     3) “Excellent service ALWAYS”

    4) “Very easy company to work with, No problems ever”

     5) "Looking forward to continuing our great business relationship!”







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