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  • PBR is a leading Canadian laboratory providing analytical and contract research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental, food, natural health products,  petrochemical and agriculture industries and public sector clients. PBR specializes in analytical chemistry,  cellular and genetic toxicology, microbiology and biotechnology in general as applied to drug development, product safety and efficacy evaluation, and screening for pathogens in food and water and mold in the indoor environment. PBR undertakes applied research for developing and validating new assays and technologies applicable to drug safety assessment, product development and biomonitoring.

  • PBR is a modern facility that incorporates all the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and Biosafety Containment Level 2 guidelines. Its state-of-the art facility is equipped with an array of analytical instruments dedicated specialized areas, diverse test systems and reference cultures. PBRs scientific and technical staff is qualified and trained with expertise covering the areas of cellular and genetic toxicology, microbiology, immunology, cell biology and analytical chemistry.

  • PBR employs well-established quality management practices and performs in full compliance with GLP and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and applicable national and internal regulations. PBR¬†Laboratories Inc. is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada under ISO/IEC 17025 for the tests listed on our scope of accreditation with the Standards Council of Canada