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  • Cannabis Testing

    PBR Laboratories Inc. is a Health Canada licensed laboratory for Cannabis testing. PBR offers a full range of analytical services mandated by Health Canada for medicinal and recreational use of Cannabis products. PBR is managed by highly qualified and experienced professionals with advance degrees (M. Sc. and Ph.D) in Microbiology (General and Medical), chemistry (analytical and medicinal), genetics (genetic and cellular toxicology) and plant breeding). All analyses are performed using approved methods by Health Canada, US and EU Pharmacopeia, and AOAC.

  • Services include:

    / Cannabinoid Potency and Profile

    / Microbial contaminants (bacteria, yeasts and molds)

    / Screening for bacterial and fungal pathogens

    / Screening for mycotoxins (aflatoxins and ochratoxins)

    / pH and moisture contents

    / Terpenes

    / Heavy metal screening

    / Residual solvents

    / Pesticide/herbicide residue testing

    / Soil nutrient profile and water quality analyses

    / Shelf life of prepared products

    / Screening for foreign materials

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