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  • In-House R & D Program

    PBR is committed to maintaining a strong in-house R&D program to foster innovation and benefit from rapidly developing and growing technologies. We work in close collaboration with public research institutions and universities in an effort to augment our research capabilities.

  • 1. Bioassay development and validation for rapid screening of mutagens, carcinogens and environmental estrogens.

    2. Method development for screening antimutagenic/anticarcinogenic properties of nutraceuticals, antioxidants and natural health products.

    3. Application of nanotechnology and cell-based systems for developing high throughput in vitro toxicity testing methods.

    4. Development or modification of technologies and analytical methods for rapid detection of microorganisms in food, water, soil and indoor air.

    5. Application of analytical chemistry tools in developing and validating novel methods useful in environmental monitoring and site remediation and restoration.