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  • Infrastructure

    PBR Labs is housed in a cutting-edge facility, recognized and approved by Health Canada for Biosafety Containment Level 2. Our premises feature dedicated office spaces, specialized workstations, and distinct areas designed for optimal physical and time-based segregation. Additionally, we have designated zones for sample reception and secure storage. Our lab is outfitted with a mix of foundational and advanced instruments, technologies, and a variety of specialized test systems. We also take pride in our comprehensive collection of reference cultures, including laboratory-isolated bacterial and fungal consortia.

  • Our Team

    Our team is the backbone of PBR Labs. Comprising professionals with advanced degrees such as Ph.Ds and Masters, they specialize in diverse fields like microbiology, biotechnology, and analytical chemistry. These experts take on pivotal roles as research scientists, study directors, and heads of laboratory operations and quality assurance, all under the guidance of our seasoned and visionary executive leadership.

    Our technical staff, with their vast analytical expertise, are adept at handling intricate microbiological, chemical, and biochemical assays. Their extensive experience ensures that even the most complex tests are executed with precision.

  • Research and Development

    Our R&D program is meticulously crafted to harness our employees' diverse skills, unique insights, and innovative contributions. We're at the forefront of pioneering research, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

  • Work Envoirnment

    Safety and support are cornerstones of our work ethos. We provide an environment where our employees feel secure and empowered. At PBR, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultural and racial diversities, ensuring every member feels respected, valued, and indeed a part of the PBR family.