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  • PBR is located in a state-of-the art modern facility approved for Biosafety Containment Level 2 by Health Canada. It provides dedicated offices and work stations, specialized areas with required physical and time-based segregation provisions and sample reception and storage areas. The laboratory is equipped with an array of basic and advanced instruments, equipments, technologies, as well as diverse and unique test systems ranging from bacterial to mammalian cell cultures. PBR also maintain a collection of reference cultures and laboratory isolated consortia of bacterial and fungal cultures.

  • PBR's professional staff includes individuals with Ph.Ds and Masters degrees with specialization in diverse areas of microbiology, genetics, toxicology cell biology and analytical chemistry. They perform the roles of research scientists, study directors, and directors of laboratory operations and quality assurance working under highly qualified and experienced chief executive leadership.

  • The technical staff is highly trained and has broad analytical expertise and extensive experience in performing complex and diverse microbiological, chemical and toxicological testing including specific genotoxicity and cytotoxicity assays.

  • The Research and Development program is designed and managed to stimulate employee's diverse skill sets, unique perspectives and creative contributions in conducting leading edge research. We provide a safe and supportive work environment for our employee's. At PBR, we respect, value and embrace cultural and racial diversities of our employee's.