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  • PBR Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

    To our Clients, Suppliers and Employees

    1. All Business related travels have been suspended until further notice.

    2. All employees are advised to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 exposure including, cough, runny nose, fever or sore throat, must also self-isolate for 14 days and consult with Alberta Healths Help Link (811).

    3. Routinely reminding our employees of proper daily hygiene and house-keeping practices to maintain a clean and contamination free environment throughout the working space of the laboratory.

    4. We have a reporting procedure in place for our staff for any health related issues, including COVID-19 exposure. Staff showing any overt symptoms of COVID-19 exposure will be at once sent home and will not return untill medically declared free of the symptoms.

    5. As customarily required in our laboratory, all removable street clothes are kept in segregated areas outside the laboratory work space and disinfected with 70% ethanol.

    6. We are diligently practicing required social distancing within the laboratory space to the extent possible.

    7. All Client - and Supplier - visits have been replaced with telephone or e-mail contacts. Clients with ongoing projects are allowed in the laboratory under full compliance of our safety requirements.

    8. All sample and other deliveries are handled in rooms isolated from the main laboratory work area with all precautions including, proper disinfection and practicing required social distancing.

    9. Any critical and emergency repair service providers are asked about any exposure related symptoms and instructed to follow required hygiene and disinfection practices prior to entry to the laboratory.

    10. Custodial Service Provider has been informed and advised that staff dispatched to our facility are closely monitored for exposure and required not to dispatch any individual showing the symptoms of COVID-19 exposure.

    Laboratory Operation

    During the critical period of COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to assure our customers that we have taken all possible risk reduction measures to ensure our services delivery to you Uninterrupted. We will keep you timely posted if any interruptions in our services become unavoidable.

  • Recipient of 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award, the highest award of University of Alberta Alumni

    Distinguished Alumni Award

    For safeguarding human health while valuing education

    Ram Deva Mehta, ’72 PhD

    Leader in genetic toxicology

    Humans come into contact with thousands of chemicals each day. Since 1984, Mehta has been a leader in the science of finding the substances that could be hazardous to our health, analyzing everything from food, pharmaceuticals and chemical products to water and air quality.

    His PBR Laboratories was one of the first private-sector ventures in Canada to develop and employ genetic toxicology tests, with an innovative process that used bacteria, yeast and animal-derived cell lines instead of live animals. “Genetic toxicology provides the simplest way to exclude a number of potential cancercausing chemicals before going to animal and clinical studies,” he says. By 1997, PBR had become the first Canadian laboratory to earn an international quality assurance designation that allowed its results to be accepted around the world.

    Mehta says he is humbled and conscious that his achievements have been possible thanks to the great gift he received as a child in India, when he became the first of his siblings to be allowed to attend the village school. Mehta’s gratitude fuels his other passion: to make education a basic right.

    He is co-founder of three charities that make education accessible to children in Nepal, India and Canada. He notes with pride that today the literacy rate in his former village is 90 per cent; 60 years ago it was less than 10 per cent.

    Mehta and his company have also helped students gain hands-on experience, through mentoring and opportunities to work on various R&D projects at PBR. Some projects have even had real-life impact, such as the high school test of air quality in a school portable. When students found worryingly high levels of mould spores, it led to the portable being closed.

    “Education has become a paramount thing in my mind,” he says. “Everybody must get educated.”

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