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Cannabis Testing

2023-10-10 19:06:20 0 comments

PBR Laboratories: Excellence in Cannabis Testing Services.

For over 40 years, PBR Laboratories has led the way in analytical services, extending from pharmaceuticals to biotech. In the realm of Cannabis testing, we stand out for precision and trust.

Why choose PBR for Cannabis testing?

  • Licensed & Vetted: Approved by Health Canada and aligned with US, EU Pharmacopeia, and AOAC standards.
  • Comprehensive Suite: Offering services from Cannabinoid profiling to shelf life assessments.
  • Cutting-Edge Lab: Upholding GLP, GMP, and Biosafety Level 2 standards with advanced equipment.
  • Expert Team: Professionals versed in Microbiology, Chemistry, Genetics, and more.

Cannabis Testing Services:

  • Cannabinoid Profiling
  • Pathogens & Contaminants Screening
  • Mycotoxin Checks
  • Terpene & Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Pesticide Residues & Soil Nutrient Profiles

Embrace PBR: Merging tradition with innovation for unparalleled Cannabis quality and safety.

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