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Nutritional Labelling and Shelf Life Testing Services

2023-11-30 10:01:01 0 comments

At PBR Laboratories, we don just offer services; we offer a commitment to precision and excellence. Our journey since 1984 in nutritional labelling and shelf-life testing underscores our dedication to ensuring your products meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

Nutritional Labeling: Your Path to Healthier Choices Our comprehensive nutritional analyses align with Health Canadas guidelines, providing clear, accurate information for consumers. #FoodSafety #LabTesting

Shelf-Life Testing: Ensuring Product Integrity We conduct both Real-Time and Accelerated shelf-life studies, meticulously analyzing your products to guarantee freshness and safety. #QualityAssurance #FoodScience

Why PBR Laboratories?
Unmatched expertise in #LaboratoryServices
Rigorous #RegulatoryCompliance
Tailored solutions for diverse needs
Cutting-edge technology and methodologies

Choose PBR - Because Precision Matters, Defining Excellence in Laboratory Services Since 1984

#PBRlaboratories #ComplianceTesting #FoodIndustry

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